WBC Ukraine Champion Belt
WBC Ukraine National Champion Title

The opening of the official representative office of the World Boxing Council in Ukraine was the first step in creating a new WBC Ukraine National Champion Title. The first discussion of the WBC Ukraine title took place at the official opening of WBC Ukraine during a video conference with WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and the team.

Soon, the WBC Ukraine team began to develop a unique design of the belt, which has become even more relevant today: a Ukrainian ornament that conveys the traditional pattern of vyshyvanka, the national clothing; the colors of the Ukrainian flag, symbolizing the strength of the spirit not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world; the trident, the state symbol of Ukraine, which comes from our ancestors; and a complete map of Ukraine, together with the occupied territories, which symbolizes the inviolable sovereignty and unity of the Ukrainian people.

The WBC Ukraine title was produced by the Mexican team of professionals Cleto Reyes, which manufactures all WBC championship belts and elite boxing equipment. So, at last year's 59th WBC Convention, the President of the World Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman solemnly presented the WBC Ukrainian Champion Belt to the head of WBC Ukraine Mykola Kovalchuk, with the hope of the growth of new Ukrainian champions.

The importance of such a title for Ukraine and our Ukrainian boxers is extremely great. This is a new opportunity for amateur boxers to start a professional career, promote themselves and get into the WBC rankings.

Currently, the WBC Ukraine Champion title remains vacant. The war has somewhat changed our plans. However, the whole WBC team believes and is looking forward to seeing the fight for the WBC Ukraine title very soon and writing down the history of the first champion.