WBC Cares Ukraine

WBC Cares Ukraine is the main direction of the WBC Ukrainian office during the war.

In 2006, Don Jose Sulaiman created the WBC Cares Project to help all those in need. The united hearts of 166 countries of the world foster love for people, sports, a healthy lifestyle, and spread the values ​​of the World Boxing Council. Today, the activities of WBC Cares offices around the world are conscientiously managed by Jill Diamond.

Our WBC Cares Ukraine office is currently performing a special mission. In this difficult time, we have directed all our efforts to create and implement the program of the WBC Cares Ukraine Charitable Fund, which was co-founded by the President of WBC Ukraine Mykola Kovalchuk and the famous trainer Serhii Vatamaniuk.

We owe the success of the Charitable Fund to WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, Chair of WBC Cares Jill Diamond, and the entire WBC family. Thanks to everyone who joins and provides various humanitarian aid, and sends charitable donations to our Fund. We greatly appreciate your support and trust.

The WBC Cares Ukraine Charitable Fund specializes in wartime assistance to:

  • boxers who in wartime were left without material support, do not have the opportunity to carry out their professional activities, and protect not only Ukraine, but also all the values ​​of the democratic world and humanity;
  • families with many children and poor families;
  • children in orphanages;
  • shelters with animals;
  • Ukrainian military.

In peacetime, we believe in the values ​​of the World Boxing Council, and promote a healthy lifestyle, love for sport and hard work, which helps every person to reach high peaks in life and professional career. We hope that soon we will be able to return to our previous activities in Peace, and in the meantime, we will continue to help and do everything to speed up the victory of Ukraine.

Our volunteer team consists of boxers, trainers, boxing officials and boxing fans, who are our friends, and at the same time very decent people. Every day we receive new requests for help, so we honor our duty for the future of our children and, perhaps, future athletes and stars of Ukrainian and world boxing.

We will be grateful if you also make a charitable donation to our WBC Cares Ukraine Charitable Fund.